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My students painted me a picture of Lilu in doggie Valhalla. :)

My students painted me a picture of Lilu in doggie Valhalla. :)

This morning My little, chubby, wrinkly Valkyrie finally answered Odin’s call. Lilu Dallas Multi-Pass was put to rest at noon and will no longer be uncomfortable or in pain. She was my bestest buddy , I feel fortunate that my awesome employers, Living Social, have allowed me the opportunity to work from home because for the better part of 3 years it gave Lilu and I tons of together time. She would sleep on my feet while I worked at my desk all day long. She was the best companion anybody could ask for. She had been battling a few different conditions in her final months but she let me know yesterday that she was done fighting. She spent her final day sitting on my lap wrapped in a blanket while I worked, she was only comfortable being held but could not eat or drink. It was time. Her mind and spirit were still with her but body just could not go on. I like to think she is in doggie Valhalla sleeping on a mountain of puppy chow and greenies. I will miss her soo much but I am relieved she is no longer in discomfort. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts today, It means a lot to me.


My mom and her dog in 6 parts.

Amazing work done here by artist preciouslittlemoleskine ( Hannah Grant ) 

Nothing too exciting , just variations on an old skull design…

My tribute to Barnyard Commandos , Work In Progress….

Not even don drawing yet but I wanted to do a quick color test….

An invite I made for my friend Sara Madsen’s birthday

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